01 October 2011

Rendezvous à Paris.

Let's meet in Paris, at our favorite haunt, for a little tête à tête over café au lait. Then we'll stroll the Champs Elysée, explore bookstalls along the Seine, throw coins from Pont Neuf and watch the sunset from Sacre Coeur. All to the tone of a Paris beat. We shall. Soon. 

Soundtrack to my night: 
Adele (19 album), Brigitte Bardot, & Pink Martini


  1. OK I'm JEALOUS!
    this is like my dream to be able to go to Europe and travel all over! i've alwways wanted to study abroad but never have been able to! Have so much fun girl! I know it will be a blast! :)


  2. Lovely written. So romantic. =)
    Now following and maybe youll visit me someday.


  3. Thank you so much! This whole experience is new to me so I am still learning but keep checking back in and maybe I will have some fun stories to share!


Merci mon amie!

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