21 May 2012


I am Thankful:
- for my parents, who have my back every single day.
- for the sound of rain. It's my favorite thing in the world. Sometimes I'll close my blinds turn on my hour long soundtrack of a thundery night and just pretend.
- for books, books, books.
- for travel. It just doesn't get any better than that.
- for Iced Chai lattes.
- for Fish Tacos. Or Mexican food in general.
- for Nick my real life hero. For killing spiders for me, eating all my Nutella, and laughing at episodes of Psych with me every Wednesday, like a good little brother.
- for the Emerald shine Seattle shares with me. I love you and all your quirks.
- for clean sheets.

17 May 2012


One day when I was at my host family's house, my host sister asked me if I wanted to make some Macaroons, which you know I love. And when in France, make French food. Trying to make Ms. Julia Child proud I discovered they are simple and difficult at the same time.

I am in Morocco, so everything will be quiet here for a few weeks. Excuse my absence while I am out riding camels across the Sahara Desert and trying not to burn. I will try to catch everyone up when I get back but y'all might have to wait until I get to the States. Much love, Jen

15 May 2012


I can't believe that finals are over.
I can't believe that I have packed everything in two suitcases (and a backpack and purse).
I can't believe that I leave for Morocco in 48 hours.

I can't believe it.

Today this little old lady saw me struggling to carry two bags filled with things for the giveaway, and she was walking in my direction so she offered to help me. Along the way we chatted. She asked me if I was English (a question I get a lot here) and I told her non, je suis americaine. So we chatted about the U.S. and school and stuff. And in the middle of this conversation I started to get that panic-y feeling, like my heart is breaking. I don't want to leave. I love it here so much.

But in less than two weeks I will be getting on that big jet plane in the sky, checking my two suitcases of "necessary" items, heading home to smiling faces that love me. That's always nice.

First, I have to survive Morocco, where average temperatures are 102º. Burn baby, burn. 

Random picture, that I took the day it stormed here. I love that the world became black and white for a while.

14 May 2012

In 3 weeks I will be home.

Not sure how I feel about that...

This weekend was great. I laid in the sun under the trees then I dressed up and went out dancing. There was dancing while we drank berry infused wine, there was dancing in allies, there was dancing across the bridges. When I finally fell asleep I slept like a baby, with blisters in my feet.

13 May 2012

It was all very Sound of Music

We went on a "petit" hike in the mountains near Grenoble. When I say petit, I mean it took us a whole day because we kept getting lost. 

We got lost in the car. We got lost when we got out of the car. And we got lost every time we hit a fork in the path. 

But can you really be "lost" when the scenery is breathtaking? We ate flowers, chased lizards, came across a field of cows wearing bells, and hummed music as we walked. It was a great outing.

12 May 2012

A day in Grenoble

1. Sun in Grenoble
2. Sitting in Victor Hugo park
3. & 4. Art exhibit at Musée Grenoble
5. Voting 
6, 7, 8: Classes, which are finally over. Thank the Lord
9: More sun with Despé

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