27 December 2011

T-minus 2 days!

In two days I will be boarding a plane for France.

I am getting so excited. My stomach is in knots and I am figuring out how to arrange my suitcase to maximum efficiency. I have been packing and cleaning my room all day and trying to mentally prepare myself for this trip. I am freaking out only because I am so nervous about my classes, meeting my family, speaking French for 6 months, and the general unknown. But every time I start to freak out something keeps me calm and I just picture myself walking in the countryside, skiing in the Alpes, struggling through my classes with my peers, cooking with my host sisters and some how it all just seems to be okay.

Yes, I will miss my friends and family so so much but I am too excited to dwell on that. And it is only six months. I will be back in this boring town before I know it, working and living my life. This is my time for adventure. I am young and free. I am trying to treasure that.

I need to finish packing tomorrow, because I leave Thursday afternoon for Seattle, then board my plane Friday!!!

I also bought the prettiest New Years' Eve dress. This is kind of important to me, because a) I never party on  New Years' Eve and b) I will be partying in a foreign country at a dance club. It is dark blue with flowers on the bottom. It is much prettier then I make it sound.

My packing is almost done! I am so proud of myself! I got everything I wanted to take into my suitcase. There are three levels of rolled up clothes and shoes and random things. Total weight 48.2lbs! (Maximum allowed is 50.)

Still To Do:
- Gather FASFA documents for parents
- buy host family a present
- Call Credit Card Company
- Copy paperwork
- buy Rain Jacket
- 9am: haircut
- 6pm: Babysit
- 9pm: coffee with Best Friend

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