24 May 2011

Excitment or Woes?

Bonjour Mon Amies!

I wanted to let you know that I probably will be updating inconsistently until the fall with planning for my travels goes into full swing. But if I have a travel related thought I will promise to post them.

I wrote this little diddy whilst at work (bored out of my mind and homework-less) about my current feelings toward traveling:

What is it about traveling that is so exciting, to everyone? Is it the conquering of a new place, the fresh ink in the passport, or the people you get to meet? Is it striking out on your own in hopes of finding someplace where you belong or simply taking in other cultures? To my limited personal experience of traveling it seems like such a new and wonderful thing.

You start out with excitement. From the moment you decide you apply to a program, sign up for a cruise or purchase a ticket, you are thrown into the planning process. You are so excited about what you will see, who you will meet (tall, dark Italian anyone?), where you will go, even what you will eat. So much so that you don't worry about the semantics, like paying for it or getting ready. At first.

But then eventually the reality sets in and you start to figure out how in the hell you are going to pay for this. Where are you going to get the money to fly to San Francisco to get a visa and then the money you need to actually go to France? And what about the money you will need to travel to all the places you want to visit? And what about getting ready for the classes you have to take (taught in French!)?

Even now, all these questions are already starting to freak me out. I mean, am I ready for an adventure of such massive proportions?

But then you think about what you will get to experience while you are on your trip: traveling on a train through the Aix-en-Provence and taking in the lavender fields. Walking along the Seine, looking at paintings. Standing on the Alps (even through you can't ski. It'll make a Great facebook update). Wearing a beautiful dress in the City of Lights on New Years' Eve. Flying to Ireland with your best friend to drink and pubs and talk to cute redheads. Eating pasta in Italy and wondering how Chef Boyardee was ever considered "Food". Speakig French over tea in a crowded cafe before you head to your French cinema class. Coming back to the States with a full passport, a tan, and a little more confidence in yourself, prepared to share stories with everyone.

These are the reasons I put up with the complicated questions. Because I really want to experience new things, even if I have to sell my soul to get them. Well maybe not my soul, but I do have some jewelry laying around...

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