23 May 2011

New Years' Eve.

I am so excited about this coming New Years' Eve. I know that it still so far away but I will be celebrating it in PARIS. Did you hear that? Paris. I am so freaking excited! It will not just be another year of making a list of resolutions like get organized, lose weight, travel, then losing it and trying to remember them. I will actually be taking my life and seizing it by the balls (sorry gma)! Gone is the New Years' of drinking cider in my pjs, watching movies in the dark. I am a grown up now and it is time to start acting like it.

Also to prep myself I have purchased the most stunning dress. Ever. I will be wearing it for New Years in the city of lights. It is a size or two smaller than I am currently but it is a dream dress that will become a reality very soon. It is the prettiest dress for the prettiest city for the most exciting evening.

I am so psyched.

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