19 May 2011

le premier.

This is my first official blog post here. I have had many attempts at blogging before (I even had a diet blog for a while) but I found that there was no purpose for these. I also discovered that I lead a very boring life. I mean how many times can you write about your love for warm socks and watching Vampire Diaries with your girlfriends? But this is different. There is a purpose for this blog. To share my travels with the loved ones I am leaving behind as I head off to Europe (!).
Background: I have been to another country once before. I drove to Mexico where I build houses with my old youth group. I didn’t get my passport stamped, we didn’t get lost, and I didn’t have to speak in another language. It was a great experience but this does not count as going abroad to me. Sorry for any confusion but I shall refer to this experience as “The First Time That Jen Goes Abroad.”
Did I mention that my name is Jen? (Well, Jennifer technically, I hate being technical) I grew up in the beautiful Northwest of the United States. I have a mom, a dad, a younger brother and a beautiful dog. My family is a very big part of my life and one of the reasons why I am able to go on this trip. I also have a large extended family that is very close. We are the typical large, potato-loving, Catholic family. I started this blog because I know that my Grandmother will kill me if I don’t share my stories with her.
More about me? Well I am an art student who goes to college in Seattle. I love tea (hot or cold), Cheese, Chocolate, laughing, sitting in the sun, watching trashy television, wearing scarves, listening to Frank Sinatra, and talking to my mom. When I grow up I want to work in the art department for a magazine and design the page layouts and take photos of food. Doesn’t that sound wonderful?
Why France? I took French in high school for three years because that is the language that the “smart” kids took. My French teacher was an awesome, white-haired lady from the northern part of France named Madame Hughes and she was great. As a college freshman I was required to take a foreign language but I didn’t think to test out of it. I am so glad I didn’t. I love my classe de française. And my French Professor is amazing. She is the one who encouraged me to apply for the study abroad program. Merci Madame!
When? I will be leaving for France in December!!! Oh my god. I am so excited. The current plan is to fly into Paris the last few days of December, celebrate New Years in Paris, then drive down to Grenoble (southern), France for school. But plans change so stay continued.
I am nervous, excited, scared, and thrilled about this experience. I am so glad that I can share all my travels with everyone I love.
To be continued…
à suivre ...

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