04 February 2012

Château Vizille.


 Château Vizille was really pretty. The gardens were simply breathtaking, even with the cold and the lack of sunshine. They really reminded me of the Northwest. In the best way possible. 

We started off the day trip with lunch at this tiny hole-in-the-wall pizza place in Vizille run by a small family. The husband cooked, the wife took our orders, the daughter played cashier, and the son just played. It was really special and the pizza was delicious in a way that made you keep eating until it was gone*...  Boy was it delicious.
 * I admit I had a little help from a friend. 

 The ducks and swans were really pretty. From a distance. Those who know me, know how I feel about the things they call birds. I took pictures from a distance. And when they started to swim towards us looking for scraps I only freaked out a little. 


It really was a pretty castle. The inside was majorly boring, with it's war history. Right up my dad's alley, but I prefer to wander around in the nature taking pictures. 

We ended the day with some hot chocolate and it was great.

* Also, will someone please look at how fancy I am now that I found these fancy accent buttons? Let's pretend I am a genius and didn't stumble upon them by accident, like I do in all aspects of my life.

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  1. beautiful pictures!!! what a lovely place... :o)


Merci mon amie!

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