04 February 2012

The ordinariness of yesterday.

Yesterday was great. Simply one for the books. Nothing exciting happened, but it was filled with little treats and moments to treasure, which made it all the more special.

I slept in (on a Friday!) which I really needed after this long week. My host family thinks it is funny that sleeping late is such a big deal for me. But if you had my family you would understand why sleeping in is such a big deal. But it is. I went downstairs to eat my daily dose of bread and jam. My host mom and I chatted for a while and she said that I am totally welcome to eat lunch with her on Fridays since I don't have classes. That it wasn't a problem, which was nice since she didn't have to do that (our program does not require our host families to feed us lunch on the weekdays). She also invited me to help them make Bugnes with her and Maud. I freaked out a little. That is what I had been waiting for: an invitation to cook with them! So I mentally remembered to be back tout suite so I could help!

I wandered to the tram, where I almost died I was so cold. The temperature yesterday was 12ºF. 12º people. I have been more thankful for spending 22 euros on a scarf. It is so thick and warm I think it actually saved my life. I wasn't sure what to do with myself downtown. I was on my own with no plans. I walked around the city for a bit, withdrew my monthly euro budget, which I stashed in my pocket away from prying hands. I wandered aimlessly, window shopping (who wants to buy me a 550 euro Cartier watch? My birthday is in October. No takers?) and then headed into a clothing store, where I tried on tons of clothes, but bought nothing. I did find some cute little stud earrings for 4 euros that I splurged on.

I looked at my watch and discovered that it was 2pm and understood why my stomach was growling. I could have sat at a quiet restaurant and drank wine, but I didn't want to spend too much money so I went into my favorite Kebab place, where I ran into my pal Bradley, ate Kebabs and chatted in French. It was marvelous. I love chatting in French. I feel like I get better with each conversation I have. Thank the lord.

I wandered to Monoprix, bought some Limonade to take to my professor's for TV night, since her daughter is 11 and couldn't enjoy a bottle of wine, and I really don't know how to pick wine. I went home where it was warm. I laid around watching Vampire Diaries under my covers.

Then I got to make Bugnes with my host family. It was wonderful. An experience I will never forget, simply because it was so ordinary and yet felt so special.

I missed cooking/baking and getting flour under my nails felt so good.

I had fun chatting with Marie Caroline and Maud. I have now cooked in France. I am one step closer to my dream of being Julia Child. They even gave me some Bugnes to take to my professors, which was so sweet of them!

Around 6:45, Taylor texted me and told me to meet her downtown at 7:15. I could barely hear her so she just yelled "KEBABS. 7:15." and I totally understood. We are silly like that. The tram ride was interesting. A car literally parked on the track three stops before I had to get off, so everyone disembarked the tram and I had to speed walk across town. My speed walking is getting really good, fyi. Then I bought a Kebab for dinner to take to Maria's. Good thing they are cheap and delicious.

Maria's was super fun. We basically just ate dinner, drank Limonade and chatted. Nina loves to sit between Taylor and I because we keep her warm and she likes to play with Taylor's 'fro. Then Bradley got there and we all sat down to watch silly French game shows, drinking wine and eating Pistachios. I loved it. Don't get me wrong, I enjoy a good night of dancing/drinking but I really live for the simple nights of doing nothing besides melting your brain with wine and chatting. It made me think of home, watching Tv late at night with my mom, drinking tea and listening to dad eat popcorn out of the large green bowl.

It was a good day and a nice night.

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