29 February 2012

I am missing: 5 senses addition.

I am having one of those moments when all you want is to see a guy on a bike (the motor-less kind) cutting you off, on his way to a farmers' market to pick up some free-trade, organic coffee. Oh you don't have those people in your town? Well the Northwest does. And I never thought I would miss that. But I do.

I also miss the color of the sunset on the west coast, the noise of ambulances out my window, the smell after it rains, and the taste of burnt Starbucks coffee.

I am anxious to start my summer spent with friends and family and days in the sun. Random days spent at the beach, endless fries at Red Robins, laying on the hardwood floors to stay cool, listening to Madonna, sipping Diet Cokes.

I can't wait.


  1. I would say enjoy ever minute of where you are now. When you get back you won't realize how huge that was you were there, and how much you are going to miss it.

    ANYWAYS - loving your blog, and most of all your gorgeous photos. Made me teary eyed looking at them, because I miss Europe so much..


    1. Thanks! I am enjoying my experience but sometimes you just miss home. Even if it only lasts for a second.


Merci mon amie!

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