10 February 2012

Off to find a Ginger.


Bonjour mes amies!

When you read this I will be in Dublin, Ireland.

Yep, Dublin. 

I am so excited. I am sure by this time, I will have said I how much I love the colors and accents and people to my friends more then 36 times. I am also pretty sure I have kidnapped a Gerald Bulter look-a-like and hidden him in my carry-on. Oh well. I am also almost certain that I will already have a good story to share with you all when I return in five days.

After Dublin, I plan of exploring my home a little more. I have a day set aside to just visit the Museums in the city and then wander around taking pictures. I have a day set aside to go back to Lyon and eat at a fancy restaurant with some friends, and I have a day set aside to go for a hike. I think it will be a perfect vacation. And I think Dublin will be a good break from French, technology and general thinking. I am planning on unwinding and wandering without a plan. Like a real vacation. So have a glass of wine (or Guinness) with me and enjoy some of my favorite Grenoble buildings. 

Much love, 

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