26 March 2012

70 days, and trying not to count.

Right now I am missing these places and these people more than I should. 
I have 70 days left before I return to the states and it is really bittersweet.


I created a countdown calendar to try to make the most of my time left here but instead it is serving as a reminder that eventually I have to leave. Cue inner turmoil.

I really love traveling and seeing the world. I mean every time I think about Ireland my heart breaks from missing it. And Paris was just as romantic as I had dreamed. Yet every time I return to Grenoble I am reminded that this is not my home and it makes me want my own bed more and more.

The thought of having to return to my small town where travel is just a dream seems like a nightmare. But I can't wait to see my best friend again and sleep in my own bed. I miss the crazy sarcastic person I get to be around the ones that I love and how easy life is. I miss the simple comforts of familiarity, like really good Mexican food, iced coffee, my favorite spot of the couch, singing to loud music in the kitchen. 

This weekend will be my first weekend of not traveling in a month. My host family is leaving to go to a wedding and I am looking forward to not doing anything. I plan on laying around in the sun, sleeping late, drinking wine and watching a movie, cooking some warm comfort food. It shall be a vacation from my vacations.

I am happy and tired. Pictures and stories from my weekend in Paris soon(ish). Love, me.

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Merci mon amie!

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