04 March 2012



Saturday I went to Geneva, Switzerland with my friends, where we spent the day exploring the city. We ate a picnic in a park by the lake and I actually took off my jacket. We drank wine on the grass after we opened the bottle on some rocks like the innovators we are. I dipped my toes in Lake Geneva and we saw the United Nations, the Broken Chair, the Flower clock, the Water Jet, and a reformation monument. We ate Swiss chocolate.

It was nice. But I was a little disappointed by Geneva. It seemed to be uppity and expensive and not really meant for college kids just looking for adventure. I don't regret going, but it just didn't blow me away. I feel bad for not liking it more, but I think I just prefer places like Dublin and Lyon, where the people are nice and adventure lurks around every corner.

Although I wasn't impressed by much, I have decided I could spend my entire life living on the lake. It was beautiful.

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