09 March 2012

Spring Break and other news:

Hello lovelies,

I am happy to report that I have finally purchased all of my tickets for trains to Italy. Yes. I am going to Italy for Spring Break! We have booked our hostels and I can not be more excited. I have been dreaming about Italy's sunflower filled fields, cobblestone streets, and creamy gelato since I saw Diane Lane in "Under the Tuscan Sun". I will finally be going!

We leave the 6th of April for seven days of magic. We are going to be seeing Verona, Venice, Florence, Rome and Marseille. Yeah, I get tired just thinking about it. But my heart is beating rapidly and plans are running through my head.

Last night, we had a small birthday party here for my youngest host sister. She turned 17! It was small, with simple, fancy food, and just the five of us. We ate salad with cheese, rice, and seafood. Then we sang "Joyeux Anniversaire" and she blew out the candles in the Macaroons. It was simple lovely. We all laughed and chatted about Zombies and School and becoming old.

Tomorrow I am spending the day in Lyon (!) with the entire API group, which will be interesting. We are supposed to have tours of the museum, but I can't wait until we are set free to explore. I have missed Lyon, with it's charm. I just want to walk up to the Notre Dame Ferviere and eat a Beignet with friends.

Sunday I will try to upload pictures, in between studying for Midterms next week. I have some long days coming my way.

Love, Jen

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