22 March 2012


Last week was a bit of a disaster. I had midterms Monday-Thursday so I felt like I was drowning all week. Then Friday came. With it a sweet release. A time to travel. A time to hang out with some good friends. A time for adventure.

We had purchased our tickets to see a concert in Avignon back in January. We took an early train south with no idea what was in store for us. Then we discovered how charming Avignon was. It is a tiny town, surrounded by a huge castle wall. Very medieval. And very touristy. We got lost finding our hostel, which was across a charming bridge, then we spent all Friday and Saturday wandering the streets until our feet felt like they were dying. We sat on the steps of Palais de Papes, ate Gelato while we people watched, found some comfortable shoes (finally), and climbed some trees.

I came back Sunday, tired and happy.

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