02 April 2012

My week:

 Spring is here. I am in HEAVEN.

Every Thursday I help teach English to Elementary kids. I love teaching. The kids are so precious with their little accents.

Some graffiti on the desk during my Historie de l'art class.

I went to the new exhibit at the Musée and feel in love with the family portraits. My family had best prepare for taking some cool ones when we get back.

 My french grammar class:

 The Bubbles. They take you up to the Bastille. I haven't been on them yet, but I am itching to go.

 Pretty houses and funny graffiti.

My new favorite spring time activity: Reading and eating Macaroons.

There are some Peguins building a nest in the eves above my window and I am terrified. Terrified. I loath birds.

When it gets hot we open all the windows and doors and Despé likes to lay in half sun/half shade. It makes me smile because Murphy does it too.

I went to a fancy lunch with my host mom and host sister. I ate a delicious salad with Radishes, Jambon cru, Artichoke, squash, and eggplant. It was surprisingly delicious. I only made a small fool  of myself.

Coffee with Candance in Lyon. Lyon, je t'aime. 

Candance. She has cool hair. Our friendship is a hoot.

I feel in love with this fountain, then I discovered that I wasn't the only person in love.

The colors of Lyon are so beautiful.

Unshowered, but happy in my new cardigan and sitting by a fountain in Lyon.

 When the host family leaves, the host student makes herself some eggs for breakfast. Her sweet host family also leaves her orange juice because they know it's her favorite.

All the green makes me really excited about the coming days in Grenoble. Also I have gotten a tiny tan. By tan I mean darker shade of pale. 

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