28 April 2012

Verona via Milano.

After a long train ride, we got to stretch our legs in Milan and run to get a taxi to another train station. We saw about five minutes of Milan.

When we got to Verona, I was smitten by the people immediately. They were fascinatingly flamboyant. The man who ran our hotel would say Ciao! to us eight times when we left, honestly. The Waitress at our restuarant brought us a free lemoncello shot after dinner to welcome us to Verona, and the man at Casa de Juliet made us a free sign. We were totally welcomed to this charming town.

Our last day in Verona was spent dodging rainstorms, licking Gelato before it could melt, and practicing our new found love for the word Ciao. Verona tickled me pink, with it beautiful culture. It was small but unforgettable. 

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