01 April 2012

Paris, Day two.

We slept with the windows open. There was a perfect breeze. This is the view that I woke up to.

We were tired when we woke up. Then we remembered that we were in PARIS. 

 We got Croissants (my first one). I still prefer my Pain au Chocolat from L'arrète.  (When I come out with a cookbook this is what my cover is going to look like.)

We decided to walk towards the Sacre-Coeur since we stayed near it. All the pretty building charmed me like architecture tends to. 

Sacre-Coeur was intense from the back. More impressive than the front to me. Maybe because there were like no people in the back, or it's dark, gray colors, but it was intimidating. And beautiful.

We were wearing dresses and shorts and I think French men have never seen legs before, or it's just been a really long winter, because I have never been hit on so much in my life. 

This one is entitled: Where's Annie?

The views were really cool. 

After we headed to Moulin Rouge. It was daytime so it was pretty empty, but I still goofed around like I was in State Fair with Dana Andrews. 

We hoped back on the Metro. We took a lot of Metros Saturday. But we were heading somewhere special.

Told ya. Yeah back to the Eiffel Tower for some day pictures. This time we had to share it with people but we brought some macaroons and found a spot of grass that we got to lay in barefoot. 

We started walking along the Siene, where we spotted some French couples (I die for her shirt) and some more great architecture.

Then we ended up at the Louvre. Yes THE LOUVRE. With it's big long line and our list of things we still had to see we didn't go in, but I did really enjoy just being there. I plan on going in sometime.

Then we headed to Jardin des Tulleries. Strangely, with the sun out, it was filled with people. You should know that in Paris, walking in special gardens is INTERDIT (forbidden). 

Then we headed to the Bastille, because Annie really wanted to see it. By this time our feet were killing us. The Bastille was really, really underwhelming. If you go to Paris and don't have a lot of time, skip it. You won't miss much. But I spotted a Starbucks 15 yards away (it's my special skill) and we snacked on fruit salads while we took a rest. 

This small market we passed reminded me of my mom. 

Notre Dame.
 Seriously awesome.
I may have not gone in any museums yet, but I have been in every single church I have come across and Notre Dame is at the top. The shear beauty of it's architecture and stain glass windows make you want to claim Sanctuary there.

After Notre Dame we took a boat ride on the Seine. It was really nice to see everything again from a different angle and rest our tired limbs. 

We left the next morning, but Paris left a lasting impression.  
It wasn't as perfect as I imagined in my dreams, but in my dreams I also cook with Julia Child and dance with Frank Sinatra. Imperfect-Paris was real. And that is something I will never forget. 

je ne regrette rien.

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