15 January 2012

Birthday in France.

Last night was my friend Taylor's 21st Birthday! And we all got to celebrate it with her because we are in France were the drinking age is 18. We laughed that 21 didn't matter over here, so our group was the only one that cared but it was funny. I had a lot of fun watching her try new stuff. We found a little hole in the wall where the drinks were cheap and the bartender was nice. Then we found some dancing, 50s style. We had fun. We stayed safe and (kind of) responsible. It was nice to let your hair down every once and a while. And I am glad that I am here with these people.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TAYLOR. I am so happy to have met you and call you a friend. I have thoroughly enjoyed being in France with you and exploring all these wonderful places. I hope that 21 is better than 20 and that you have the best year you have ever had. Bon Anniversaire mon amie!

*Photos from Lyon, France.

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Merci mon amie!

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