06 January 2012

Hotel de l'Europe, Grenoble

When we got into Grenoble our professor picked us up at the train station, we rode the tram to the centre-ville, where we finally got to put down our luggage at our hotel. We stayed at Hotel de l'Europe. It was AH-MAZING. The views from our rooms were incredible and the entire staff was extremely nice to us, even though we are students.

Yeah, this is the view from my our hotel room balcony.  It made me wish I lived in a bathroom. 

 After a broken bed, a walk around the city without a plan or guide, and drooling over our kebabs for dinner we finally headed to bed, where I slept for 9 full hours. It kind of rocked my world. And going to bed after walking in a sunset at beautiful as this, made me feel so extremely small.

The next day we met our professor for a tour with the study abroad program and it was fun to see plans we had already discovered the night before. I met my new love of Grenoble, La Halle Ste Clair, an indoor market filled with produce and cheese and breads. My dream of becoming Julia Child just got one step closer.

While I think that Lyon will always be the place I think of when I think of my favorite city in France, there is something about Grenoble that is growing on me. I am very much in love with the feel of this city. Something about it, even the extreme cold that makes me shiver until I am asleep seems to be normal. 

I think it is the mountains. They do something to you.

*Please note that none of these photos have been altered. This is legitimately where I live. The after after these photos it started raining. C'est la vie. 

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