04 January 2012

New Years Eve.

We arrived in Charles de Gualle airport at 9am, had to wait for the stairs to get off the plane and then proceeded to get lost in the maze that they call an international airport. It was pure hell. It took us so long to find a place to eat that we didn't even bother leaving the airport and heading into the city. So instead we spent 10 hours trying to sleep in the airport. All we got for our trouble was a neck cramp and some stares. We boarded our layover and finally made it to our hotel at 8:30 in the evening.

This picture explains everything we were going through after 18+ hours flying/waiting.

Then we needed to figure out what to do about clothes and if we were going to go out, where were we going to go? We finally settled on just letting the wind take us. So after we got all dolled up we wandered down the street across the bridge, past closet stores toward the Centre-ville. Nothing was open so we couldn't even buy a bottle of champagne and drink that.

Finally we headed towards the Ferris Wheel they have by Place Bellacoeur. We listening to a small group count down, some others throw fireworks at people, and a man kiss LaTanya and wish her a creepy Bonne année. Then we kept wandering, sorely disappointed. Down a back alley we found a bar district and wandered into a pub but it was so crowded we could order. We finally found a bar and a nice guy sat and chatted with us. 

By 1:30 we were all sleeping soundly in our beds back at the hotel. 

New Years' Eve didn't turn out like we had planned but it was still quite an adventure.

I will share our first real day in Lyon with you next.

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