16 January 2012

Placement examen.

I had my placement exam. It was not as bad as I had feared, yet I still was shaking the entire time. I fear I will never been a good test taker. Not good when I have to take the Bar Exam in four years...

Well we all got there at 8:30, except one girl who sleep late and arrived 15 minutes late. Luckily the French are really lax about things like being on time. It is something I love. I also love that nothing is open on Mondays. And that every store keeps bankers' hours. They seriously know how to live here. It is all about food, family, and being classy. My kind of people.

But I digress... We were supposed to take our written and then our oral examen, but we had to switch them, so I ended up waiting next to a handsome, if slightly scrawny Beglum boy, and then went in to talk to this nice French lady. She just asked me about school, what I am studying, what I plan to do, and why I am taking French. She asked about my host family, and what I liked about Grenoble. Sure I used a lot of the same words, and made some mistakes, but I understood what she was saying and was able to answer her. I felt good. I know that I am improving. Especially when I can go to a Tabac and buy some postcards and joke with a lady about the internet vs. magazines.

Then we all waited around to take our written. It seemed so casual. It was held in this huge lecture hall, which seemed like the lecture hall at a public university, but had the atmosphere of the SATs, without the raging hormones and smell of gym. The test was meh. I did okay I think. It did get harder and I know that I did not do perfect, but I am happy with my effort. We find out our scores tomorrow. (!).

After I went to eat kebabs with Taylor and my new pal Bradley.  I had one great one. He had two! The lady that owns the kebab place is the sweetest person ever. She knows we are students but she treats us special and makes great kebabs. If you are ever in Grenoble, Fraternité Kebabs, next to Maison du Tourisme is the place to go.

Tomorrow I have a meeting with Marie at API to find out more about VSArt, an art program that assists the elderly with art as a form of therapy. I think it will be really great. French and old people. I love them both.

I will leave you with some photos from our trip to the Bastille, which we climbed Sunday. It was lovely, and cold, but we all had fun. And the view from the top is almost as beautiful as the view from Cathedral de Lyon, but it has mountains so I call it a tie. The hike only took us a few hours, and that included a hot chocolate break at the top.

Yep, this is where I live people.
So extremely blessed.


  1. I have a serious case of jealousy. It's so beautiful, what a fantastic opportunity!

    GL with the exam results!

  2. So fabulous! The absolute best way to learn a langauge. You're right, they know how to live - take time off, eat good food, hand with your people. Savor it!


Merci mon amie!

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