14 January 2012

Food and Soldes.

Food and Soldes, my two new loves.

Last night for dinner I had Roclette. Which is when you take some cheese and melt it on a little boiler at the table.  And by some I mean four huge slices, one after the other. Then you pour the melted cheese unto a potato bigger then your fist. And enjoy the cheese-y goodness. Before our potatoes we enjoyed some meat, left over from Etienne's wine party. We had slices of ham, duck, and buffalo (i think?). Then we finished up the dinner with a nice salad and a glass of wine. Oh but the French never forget dessert... We had this delicious sliced orange salad, that simply had nutmeg and a little sugar. It was amazing. And they gave each one of us a macaroon! Mine was lemon. It was heaven. Still full from last nights dinner. I love the French!

After dinner I helped Maud with the dishes and she showed me that she has made some brownie cookies, but I simple glared and them and I think she saw my face turn green. We had a laugh and then she invited me to watch an episode of Vampire Diaries, which was really fun. I am glad that I am so nerdy and I can bond with her over our love for smoldering TV men.

I also talked to her about the hockey game I went to the other night. It was amazing! Grenoble won (7-1) and we got to see how the French love their sports. Hockey and Football/Soccer. Allez-Grenoble! We saw a fistfight go down on the ice between one of our players and theirs. It was probably the other teams fault. It was a late but fun night. And now I can't wait to attend a football game.

Did I mention that Etienne had himself a wine party the other night? It was hilarious. I came downstairs for dinner and saw the dining room all decorated and I was confused. Then Marie Caroline explained to me that he was having friends over for a wine party so we would have to eat in the kitchen. So all five of us crowed around the tiny kitchen table and I tried duck for the first time (which I love!), and Etienne was running back and forth getting ready. He covered up all the wine bottles with foil, and explained to me that it was a game and they had to guess the year and province just by taste and smell. And the whole time this is happening I am smilling, almost in giggles because this is exactly the American stereotype about the French. But Etienne was just so adorable, and the whole situation was so funny.

Oh and the Soldes are going on right now! I have been shopping so much in the last few days that my head has been spinning. But I have stayed within my budget (kind of) and I bought things that I really needed. Everything is so amazingly cheap! And I guess it should be is the sales in France only happen twice a year. In the last three days I have bought a new wallet with a coin purse, five shirts, two pairs of jeans, one sweater, one sweatshirt for running, a scarf, heavy socks, and gloves. Can you tell that is is really cold here? But I am finally getting the hang of the weather. I kind of love it.

Well, I think Grenoble is growing up me. Last night when I was brushing my teeth for bed, it dawned on me that I can't imagine being in Seattle or Portland right now. I am so completely satisfied with my life right now, and my love for this city and it's bizarre mix of classy and diverse people is growing each day. The thought that I only have four and a half months here before I leave for Morocco and the States makes me so sad. But knowing I have a time limit has pushed me to experience as much as possible.

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