06 January 2012

Lyon, deuxième jour.

Our last day in Lyon we spent hiking around the rest of the city. We marched in West of Vieil Lyon towards Hotel Dieu, which is a old hospital. It was the prettiest I have ever seen..
Top photo by Taylor.  

We wandered into a candy stop and found eggs gummies and peas and bacon gummies. The French version of "Breakfast of Champions".
We climbed a mountain and played in a park until people came and we ran away. We got lost between the start of a street and the end of it. We found the Roman coliseum and climbed up and down the stairs like Gladiators. 

We found an old church that took our breath away. 

We looked over the city from the church and marveled at it. The beauty and history of this city is incredible. I got very history challenge and took pictures of every plaque I saw. 

We finished the night with a drink at a pub and a walk back with extra large desserts. Our 8 hour walk on the last day made my feet hurt so bad I thought I would cry. But a shower and sleep made it better. I feel in love with Lyon in two days. And when I left I knew I would return.

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