10 January 2012

In a few words:

(I apologize for the venting and the awful writing. I am not usually this way. I am just tired.)

It's been a shitty ass day. Pardon my French.

I did poorly on a quiz, nothing exciting happened, and now I just feel tired and cracking and wiped. Unfortunately I still need to get through dinner, shower and do my homework. I wish I was able to go to bed early.

Tomorrow is a new day. I will get up early. Go running along the river. Wear something pretty. Ace my exam, and venture into the city. I will buy some chocolate, perhaps some Nutella. And it will be a great day.

I am looking forward to a busy week:
Wednesday: Running along the river and the Sales start!
Thursday: 8pm Hockey game with Taylor and Annie!
Friday: Sale Shopping with Taylor and Rima and Lauren before class, Running along the river, Barhopping (avert your eyes Grandma!) in the evening!
Saturday: Studying. Study break: Hike to the Bastille
Sunday: Studying.
Monday: 8:30 Placement Examen. Prayers needed.

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  1. we love hearing all your stories! Sorry you had a bad day :o( We are thinking of you and hoping there are more good days than bad!! Hey, you are in FRANCE!! :o) the Curls


Merci mon amie!

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